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CNC Machinery Sales, Inc. has over 30 years of experience working with machine tools

Our finished machine, including the fully enclosed work area, new electrical cabinet with CNC control operator’s station mounted in it.

Retrofitting, Rebuilding, or Re-manufacturing

  • CNC or Manual Machine Tools
  • Specializing in Fanuc Systems
  • We build to your specifications
  • Quotes Available Upon Request

The new PC based CNC control system will be housed in a new electronics cabinet, using all new modern components.

We are distributors for:

  • ABS Import tools
  • Heidenhain Corp, encoders and controllers
  • Newall Electronics
  • Sharp Industries, industrial equipment

Re-Manufactured Equipment

Visit the Re-Manufactured Equipment section of our website to see our newly developed CNC Gear Generator or newly Redesigned CNC CURVIC® Coupling Grinder is a registered trademark of The Gleason Works, Rochester, New York.

We are not associated or affiliated with The Gleason Works.