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Phoenix based machinery rebuilder makes its mark across the country

The machine rebuilding and retrofit capabilities of CNC Machinery Sales didn’t just happen. It was a talent that only years of experience could achieve. That description fits the shoes of only one man - Ray Jaeger, who started CNC Machinery Sales after 30 years experience with a major aerospace manufacturer. Ray headed up the machinery rebuilding and retrofitting group of 20, at Honeywell (Allied Signal) with 100 machines under their belt including several 5-axis multi spindle Cincinnati profilers for machining turbine wheels.

CNC Machinery Sales opened their doors in 1992, in the big 3 bay metal building on Monroe, just east of 24th Street that they still occupy. Customers include Anmark, Babcox & Wilcox, Chromalloy of Arizona, Honeywell, Kelsey Hayes wheels, Parker Hannifin, Semens/Westinghouse, Sundstrand, and Williams International.

CNC Machinery Sales lives up to it’s name, selling the Sharp line of machine tools in Arizona. CNC Machinery Sales is a full service used and remanufactured/retrofitted machine tool supplier specializing in grinding equipment. Our main product is a CNC CURVIC® GRINDER, retrofitted from a Gleason Model 19 with over 25 machines in the field. We also have an extensive supply of used parts for Gleason Curvic® Grinders.